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Giving Event

Fri June 21 2024

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This year’s challenge:


What is a Data-Guided Giving Event?

A 1-day virtual event. Together, we solve a health challenge in 3 steps:

step 1. find key places where help is needed by using amazing data,

step 2. discover organizations already doing strategies that work.

step 3. give! $$






That Work

Participants Will

Build Career & Data Skills

Grow real-world data skills and build a professional portfolio

Grow a Community

Build and strengthen professional networks for impactful careers

Make a Difference

Learn how data-guided decisions can drive real-world change

This year’s challenge


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Morning Data Workshop

step 1. Find key places. Uncover opportunities. Is Pregnancy Related Mortality high in your community? How can you know? Find amazing data.

Afternoon Workshop

step 2. Strategies that work. Let’s find solutions and organizations doing amazing work. Who is reducing Pregnancy Related Mortality in key places?

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Data-Guided Giving

step 3. Give $$. Did we find organizations doing great strategies in key places? Eligible organizations can be added to a donation portfolio for Pregnancy Related Mortality.

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Friday June 21. 2024

ET = Eastern Time (New York)

10:00 - 10:30 AM ET


10:30 - 12:00 PM ET

Morning Data Workshop: Pregnancy-Related Mortality

12:00 - 1:00 PM ET


1:00 - 2:30 PM ET

Afternoon Workshop: Find Strategies That Work

2:30 - 3:00 PM ET


3:00 - 4:00 PM ET

Donation Pitch

4:00 - 4:30 PM ET



Who can join?

Anyone! Students, professionals, learners, non-profit leaders, health advocates, parents, teens, full-time caretakers, and anyone looking to solve a health challenge.

What do I need?

For the day, you’ll need a computer with access to the internet, Zoom, and Gdrive. We will be using Google Sheets in the session. This is a collaborative project so please also have a Zoom setup with audio and video.

Will the pitch winners receive a prize?

All participants receive a certificate. Pitch winners get an extra shoutout AND will have the honor of selecting community organization(s) that are eligible for our data-guided giving.

Do I need skills and experience?

We welcome all learners! No prior data experience is necessary. We have designed the event to be beginner friendly. Plus, we will have dedicated volunteers available to support you.

What if I can’t make the full day?

Options will be available for participants who want to participate for only part of the day. Please register for the event and closer to the day, we will be sending around more information about the best way to select which parts of the event you’ll be joining.

How do I register?


the event

Help us solve health challenges and cheer on volunteers at the event. All donations are tax-deductible and donors will get a shoutout on our website and social!

About Us

At The BroadStreet Institute, we believe good data heals the world. Our mission is to empower future leaders with the skills and knowledge to use data effectively, to create a culture of data-guided decision-making, and to make a true and positive impact in community health and beyond.

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What participants are saying about The BroadStreet Institute

Interning with BroadStreet definitely helped me to develop transferable skills. It exposed me to leadership skills that I didn't know I possessed ... It also allowed me to collaborate with other professionals that had similar values, yet diverse backgrounds because of the global environment. It was a great opportunity and I hope that it continues to help others grow in their mission to providing good data to those in need.

Liz S. May 2021

I gained unparalleled experience and a depth of knowledge and application. I also made an excess of connections and continue to benefit by engaging with members of BroadStreet. Tracy and my peers have been pivotal in boosting me into my career and helping me to better understand the world. My experience at BroadStreet has been fantastic, and I’m so appreciative of it.

Brooke C. October 2021

Being a team member at BroadStreet has added value to my development: self-discipline for remote work to provide deliverables; analytics (i.e. developing hypothesis, data discovery, data preparation, generating data models, communicating results) data -entry, data wrangling, networking skills and more.

Matt W. October 2021

BroadStreet has allowed me to network beyond my imagination! I have been able to learn new skills and put them to use. Having the support of all the staff, volunteers and other students during my time at BroadStreet has really allowed me to grow as an individual... My LinkedIn connections continue to grow and allow me to explore other options in the field of Public Health. I am extremely grateful for BroadStreet ... and what staff has done.

Zira V. October 2021

BroadStreet helped me enhance my data analysis and quality control skills. It has helped me to adjust and learn to work effectively in both a remote workplace and a public health setting. The experience was really beneficial for my development as a public health professional.

Kevin C. November 2021

Collaboration and time management has been some of the skills I developed and are more proficient in since BroadStreet. I have a greater appreciation for Data and data visualization process. Broadstreet has brought me a lot of clarify on the world of data, from collection to visualization. I love that I was able to see how the data moves through the steps to being published. I am super excited to use my skills that I learned through Broadstreet in my public health career.

Kimberly B. March 2022

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Summer Data-Guided Giving Event hosted by

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